Multimedia conference blogging.

Hosted by Bryan Person. Recorded from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and published for Tuesday, November 13, 2007.


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* Inspired by a comment and question from Jay Berkowitz, host of the 10 Golden Rules Internet Podcast.

* Good examples of multimedia conference blogs:

Road Map for creating a multimedia conference blog

* Centralized model.

1. Identify your goals for the conference blog. Make them as measurable as you can.

2. Work with an existing blog of the organization.

3. Start getting out the word early through other marketing channels — e-mail newsletter, conference mailing, etc. Be sure to display the URL for the blog prominently in your print material, on your website, and in your e-mail signature.

4. Get content up before the conference itself — with blog posts about things to do in the host city during the conference, hotel deals, podcast interviews with presenters and keynote speakers (Check out Donna Papacosta’s )

5. Get the right team together.

6. Use your conference blog as the “hub” but also incorporate other multimedia elements:

  • Twitter feed/Twittergram
  • Flickr photos
  • items
  • Video YouTube/
  • Live video from uStream?
  • Social media news release
  • Audio (use podPress plugin on a WordPress blog)
  • Facebook group or Facebook page
  • Conference/unconference wiki

7. Give out suggested tags (for blogs, Flickr, etc.) that attendees can use when publishing their own content about the conference. Create RSS feeds for these tags and monitor them before, during, and after the conference. During the event, sprinkle in a couple of posts on your main blog that point to content on other blogs and sites.

8. If you blog platform allows it, make good use of categories (”videos” for all videos, ” hotels” for all hotel information, etc.).

9. Use a blog platform that allows multiple authors to post.

10. Make your RSS feeds easy to find your blog and easy to subscribe to.

11. Measurement. Use something like Google Analytics to measure visitors to the blog, incoming links, search terms, etc. Also, find a way to measure engagement — such as with user comments.

12. Evaluate how well you met your original goals.


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